Why Did You Decide to Learn Software Engineering?

Good question. As a required (but fun) part of the Software Engineer program at Flatiron school, I have to create blogs at the beginning, each lesson module, and end of the program. As my first blog post for the program, I have to answer the question above: Why did you decide to learn Software Engineering? Here goes.

For a long time now, I have been in love with web design and development. I wanted to master those skills and be a web developer. Over the years, what I have seen with the latest software development, and games and apps being created, I began to wonder how they created them. My interest was piqued and my career goals began to shift.

At first glance, I was overwhelmed. There were languages used that I had not even heard of; which is not a surprise considering I was into designing websites, not apps or games. Web design and development may incorporate similar languages at times, but the creation of each can be quite different.

I began researching what it took to create these apps, games, and various software products and decided I wanted to create them for a living, as well as incorporating them into my web design.

So, here I am now, beginning my training as a software engineer with Flatiron School, with the ultimate goal of making it a career. Oh, if only I had known about bootcamps sooner.

Thank you for taking the time to read my response, and I would love to hear why you decided to take a leap to get into your dream job/career!


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